Selection of Overseas Exporters and Suppliers.

Selection of Overseas Exporters and Suppliers.

by atul

Selection of Overseas Exporters and Suppliers.

Selection of Overseas Exporters and Suppliers.

by atul

by atul

Technical Grade Urea or petrochemical products

Selecting an overseas Technical Grade Urea or petrochemical products exporter raises a number of issues for the importer such as language differences, payment methods and increased paperwork requirements. However, with a little research and proper planning these challenges can be easily overcome. In this blog post, we will discuss the various factors required for consideration of an overseas Technical Grade Urea or petrochemical products exporter or supplier and the methods for selecting overseas Technical Grade Urea or petrochemical products suppliers.

Legal considerations
Trading with overseas Technical Grade Urea supplier is quite different from trading in India or Asia, particularly when dealing with a country outside Asia, so an importer should consider the following factor before import.

Whether there are Technical Grade Urea import or restricted trade at either end of the transaction.

Whether technical standards in supplier’s country meet Indian requirements of Technical Grade Urea.

Who is liable if a Technical Grade Urea product causes harm or loss?

Whether imported goods infringe any intellectual property rights or not.

Who bears insurance costs at each stage of transit?

A well-drafted written contract will help to avoid disagreements or disputes.

Other considerations
There is a range of other factors that an Technical Grade Urea importer should bear in mind:

Language differences are important. It’s not just a matter of communication – make sure any labelling or other printed materials are error-free. Payment methods for international trade transactions are an import issue for import. So, importer must take a proper care while selected a payment methods such as Letter of Credit (Documentary Credit, or Lc), Documentary Collection, Advance Payment Receipt. Shipping of Technical Grade Urea is also a complicated process. Given the increased distances and the need to cross borders.
Understanding the business and social practices of Technical Grade Urea supplier’s country can help build trust and develop relationships.

The origin of your goods can affect the level of duty you pay. Some goods attract a preferential rate of duty, so you need to check where your Technical Grade Urea supplier’s raw materials have come from. Visiting Technical Grade Urea suppliers is the best way of doing this.

Capability of Overseas Technical Grade Urea Supplier
Successful completion of an import transaction mainly depends upon the capability of the overseas Technical Grade Urea supplier to fulfill that contact. Therefore, it becomes important for the importer to properly verify the foreign exporter before entering into a contract with the exporter. Confidential information about the exporter may obtain through the banks and Indian embassies abroad. The importer can also take the assistance of Credit Information Agencies for specific commercial information on overseas suppliers.

Sources of Information
The information regarding overseas Technical Grade Urea exporter and suppliers can generally be obtained from the following sources:

Trade Directories and Yellow pages, like Singapore yellow pages, Japan yellow pages, USA yellow pages etc. available from leading booksellers in India.
Consulate Generals and Trade Representative of various countries in India and abroad.
Friends and relatives in foreign countries.
International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions for which you may contact: International Trade Promotions Organization (ITPO), Pragati Madian, New Delhi.
Chambers of Commerce as per addresses.
Directorates of Industries, etc.
Indenting Agent of Foreign Technical Grade Urea Suppliers.
Visiting popular Technical Grade Urea Web-sites.
Role of Overseas Agents in India

Some overseas Technical Grade Urea suppliers have appointed their agents in India. These agents procure orders from the Indian parties and arrange for the supply of goods from abroad. It is advisable to import through such agents as they can be readily contacted in case of any difficulty with regards to quality of goods, payment and documentation, etc.

Finalizing the Terms of Technical Grade Urea Import
Once Technical Grade Urea importer is satisfied with the sample and the creditworthiness of the overseas Technical Grade Urea exporter, importer can proceed further to finalization the terms of the import contract. Import’s contract need to be carefully and comprehensively drafted incorporating there in precise terms, all relevant conditions of the trade deal. There should not be any ambiguity regarding the exact specifications of the goods and terms of the purchase including import price, mode of payment, type of packaging, port of shipment, delivery schedule, replacement of defective goods supplied, after sale services/warranty coverage etc.

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