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FAQ On Technical Grade Urea

What is distinction between Urea, DAP and CAN ?
Ans: The nitrogen utilized in urea and DAP is within the type of ammonium whereas the nitrogen in CAN is within the type of nitrate.
Nitrate in CAN is taken up by the plant quicker than ammonium in Urea and DAP and also you lose much less Nitrogen to the air. CAN additionally doesn’t decrease the pH of the soil as DAP and Urea do.

Another distinction is that CAN additionally comprises calcium.
You may also see this on the label.

Won’t mineral fertilizer poison my soil?
Ans: Mineral fertilizer won’t poison your soil if utilized appropriately. it
provides your crop with wanted vitamins. Acidifying fertilizers can
be an issue. That is as a result of they decrease pH.

pH is a situation of the soil that influences whether or not your crop
can entry the vitamins within the soil. In acidic soils the pH is low. In alkaline soils the pH is excessive. When the pH is low it turns into tougher to your crop to take up vitamins from the soil

Technical Grade Urea is an natural compound. Urea serves an essential function within the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds. It is a colorless, odorless strong, extremely soluble in water, urea is principally non-toxic. … The human physique makes use of urea in lots of processes, most notably nitrogen excretion.

Feed Grade Urea is a strong white prill with a good spherical form. Non- protein nitrogen (NPN) compounds can be utilized to complement the diets of ruminants throughout a spread of feed methods. … Feed Grade Urea has a typical worth of 287.5 % equal crude protein for ruminants.

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The distinctive uses of Urea

Other than being a perfect fertilizer, urea can be used for various functions. let us have a look at some of the primary makes use of of this organic compound.

Manufacture of resin: This organic compound is used as base product for production resin where it’s miles combined with formaldehyde. The usage of this unique mixture consists of plastic manufacturing, use as an adhesive and so on. This aggregate is also used to coat paper and textiles.

skin merchandise: it is also used in splendor products like lotions and creams as it helps to hydrate the skin leaving it tender and supple.

business products: 

it is also used in other commercial merchandise like tooth-whitening products, shampoos and conditioners. Facial powders and other cosmetics use this natural compound as a first-rate element.

cattle feed: 

It is used as cattle feed because it includes nitrogen which enables in the boom of cattle. Farmers pick out this natural product as it is tremendously cheaper in comparison to different cattle feed.


It’s far one of the best fertilizers available inside the form of crystals, tablets and granules.

one of the first-rate Fertilizers

Urea is one of the nice fertilizers that have diverse extraordinary capabilities consisting of its non-pollutant feature, higher yielding potential and eco-friendliness

suitable for all types of plants and it reasons no damage because it includes only carbon dioxide and nitrogen. it can be stored easily because it has an notable shelf life. available in big granules, this natural compound can be stored for a longer time frame as it does now not maintain moisture.

some other characteristic feature of this fertilizer is that it’s far quite reasonably-priced in comparison to different fertilizers and so it is extensively used by farmers. moreover it’s far recognized to boom the fertility of the soil and yields higher plants. It blends nicely with the soil although it is mixed well with other fertilizers too.

it can be purchased without difficulty from the urea producers who supply this natural fertilizer inside the on-line stores. it’s also made available in other kinds like chemical substances, cosmetics, prescribed drugs and so forth.

but, unique care ought to be taken even as applying urea within the soil as it must be mixed properly with the soil to yield desired results. it’s far frequently lined with different materials so that the nitrogen content of the fertilizer does not evaporate speedy. The soil has to be moist and notably absorbent to reap final effects.

it’s far hard to discover an organic compound which serves as an remarkable fertilizer in addition to a beneficial factor in lots of other products. Urea is considered the most powerful and most inexpensive fertilizer remedy available when in comparison to other pricey fertilizers.

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