Mobility Manual Wheelchair

Mobility Manual Wheelchair

by devteam

Manual Wheelchair

As a wheelchair is the primary mode of transportation for people with special needs, Shantech firmly believes that it must be of the highest quality and accuracy in order to maximize the user’s mobility without placing any restrictions on it.

Our production team invested a lot of time, money, and effort into testing our finished goods, our raw materials, our design, and our technology in order to live up to this idea and make sure that nothing was overlooked in our quest to give our consumers a sense of infinity.


Compact Folding

Mid-Fold reduces the width to 6″ allowing for ease of transportation even in cars.

Ergonimic Seating

Certified fabrics and foam used to create a durable, washable and expertly designed PU backrest to maximise comfort with spinal support for optimial posture. Open Cell foam based cushioned armrest for additional support. Back pockets to store essentials.


25×34×30 inches W H L
Armest Height = 28″
Seat Height = 19″
Seat Depth = 16″


  • Powder Coated, heavy duty carbon steel X-frame designed to prevent wear and enable long-lasting
  • 23″ Rear MAG and 8″ Front Castor wheels, flat free.
  • Maximum weight handling capacity of 100KGs.