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Shantech International is a commodity trading company catering globally. The company excels in providing a comprehensive range of trading services in chosen commodities and manages each activity right from sourcing, storage, delivery, logistics to risk management. The company manages diverse commodities providing hedge against effects of adverse commodity cycles. Products we trade into are Cereal & Cereal Products, Pulses (Grain Legume), Spices, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Animal Feed Products and Forest Product
The Company was founded on strong foundations of partnership with local communities, producers and retail customers. Having vast experience in financial and commodity sectors, we have built up wide business networks and strong associations with business houses across industries. All our efforts are geared towards investing and growing niche commodity sectors such as Cereal & Cereal Products, Pulses (Grain Legume), Spices, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Animal Feed Products and Forest Product.
Our global infrastructure provides us with an in depth knowledge of our markets and enables us to provide a consistently high quality of service to our customers and partners. Our global reach allows us to operate an integrated supply chain, sourcing from various local collection points in the origins and supplying to our customers in more than 20 destination market in African, Latin American and South East Asian countries.
We are a young organization, fuelled with a talented team of economists, technical associates and research professionals having physical presence in multiple origins who can scout the right source of supply for us. Shantech International has appointed business and management consultants to evaluate the commodity cycles, international trade, complete the due diligence and trade appraisal with international parties. We understand the Supply Chain Management by evaluating and bridging the gap between demand and supply. Our team combines local knowledge with a global view and manages complexity and volatility to create the greatest value for all.
Value Chain
We methodically study the market, analyze the needs, demand and supply of the markets, handle the logistics and risk management, check the commercial viability and finally optimize the trade by enhancing the complete value chain. A solid presence at every step of the value chain enables us to make the best use of all possible business opportunities. We have leveraged our resources, including people, knowledge, systems and assets, to create competitive advantage and maximize our potential.