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As the world population is on a rise with increased urbanization leading to new consumption behaviours, the per capita consumption of agri-products and other products is on a rise.
The imbalance between regions of supply and regions of demand, which is expected to widen, which will bring about an increase in trading of agricultural products and commodities worldwide. Latin America and South-East Asia are major exporters, with demand mainly from Asia and, in the longer-term, Africa.
Shantech International is entirely prepared for this rising demand with strategic geographic coverage.
Sustainable Development
Our sustainability process has evolved in the past few years, but has always been closely integrated with our business model. Our aim is to manage the business in a way that it supports local communities, ensures a safe and productive workplace and maintains the delicate balance of nature.
Shantech International is committed to sustainable development, social upliftment of the local area and building stable, long-term partnerships. We put great emphasis on sustainable production by adhering to social and environmental standards and respecting labour rights throughout our operations. We are committed to providing employment, supporting the community and protecting the environment in every country in which we operate.
We identify opportunities to create societal value in the communities within which we operate and use our expertise and resources for making a meaningful impact. We are committed to protecting and nurturing the environment around us.