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Shantech is predominant on adoption of a scientific & thoughtful business model. Our business model precisely includes professional approach of conducting the business. Shantech International monitors the economy and industry trends while conducting business. We have our focus on growing the asset base while expanding our role in the market place and monetizing our expertise. Our expertise includes syndication and structuring of complex trading deals. With a diversified product portfolio, the company, since its inception, has developed significant domain expertise through hiring experts from different diverse market segments.
We strategize trade in short term and long term business cycles with different approaches. With existing trade setups and working styles, companies can reduce lags in trading cycles and thereby reducing fund requirements. Our domain experts work with a keen sense of risk mitigation and effective monitoring of our trading practices. The company is based on the business beliefs that every business opportunity should be properly evaluated before it is executed. We believe business opportunities need to be tapped within a shortest period of time to make profits. Thus, Shantech has defined set procedure of conducting business which includes: Commodity Analysis, Monitoring, Procurement/ Sourcing Marketing
Commodity Analysis It involves the following steps:
Commodity Monitoring At Shantech International, we do due diligence to consider risk & concerns as well as to discover opportunities
Procurement/ Sourcing Structured business processes are in order to achieve perfections & have shortest possible business cycles. The process initiates with identification of favourable markets and ends with the deliveries reaching the customers as per the commitment.
Marketing & Selling Strategies Key areas of focus while driving Sales and Marketing function are:
Dealing in high demand commodities
Order based trading
High ratio of marketing tie-ups
Strengths :