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Shantech International is one of the fast emerging commodity trading company with customers in India and suppliers based across the globe. We provide a comprehensive range of supply chain management services in our chosen commodities and manage each activity from production, sourcing, storage, delivery, logistics to risk management.

It is headquartered in Pune and has its operations centres at Mumbai, Kandla, Chennai and Bangalore covering a wide area through its distribution network in the western and southern states of India along with Malaysia, Sri lanka and Dubai.

The company manages diverse commodities providing hedge against effects of adverse commodity cycles. Products we trade into are -

 Cereal & Cereal Products- Rice, Wheat Flour, Refined Flour

 Pulses (Grain Legume)- Ground-nuts, Chick peas, Green split peas, Yellow split peas, Dark red kidney beans, Red split Lentils, Green Moong beans, Cow peas

 Spices- Turmeric, Dry Red Chilies

 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables- Onions, Pomegranate

 Animal Feed Products- Maize, Soya bean meal

 Forest Product- Teak